Blog | 3 misconceptions about vitamin E

3 misconceptions about vitamin E

Although few people are able to explain why vitamins are essential (a question we addressed in our article on the role of vitamin E in hydration), they are part of our daily lives.

“Fill up on vitamins”, “gorge yourself with vitamins”, “rich in vitamins”… There is no shortage of slogans and adages, and there is good reason for this: vitamins are vital!

However, they are sometimes given properties that they do not have. Worse still, some brands use the vagueness that reigns around the functions of these molecules essential to your health to place their product in a questionable way.

So why not arm yourself to make an informed choice about what you consume? To achieve this, a few guidelines are necessary…

Don’t panic, you are not alone: the MyPUREskin team reveals 3 misconceptions about vitamin E, so that you no longer fall into the trap of unscrupulous marketing teams!

Vitamin E: a fantastic molecule but not omnipotent!

No, vitamin E is not an "anti-aging" molecule

If we stick to the expression “anti-aging” which often designates the capacity of a product or a molecule to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, to limit or even reduce skin slackening and dryness, then vitamin E is definitely not an anti-aging molecule.

Since it has no direct impact on the skin’s suppleness and hydration levels, vitamin E has the power to neutralize free radicals.

It is in fact the limitation of oxidative stress (created by the presence of too many free radicals) that reduces the damage caused to your epidermis and dermis.

In other words, vitamin E “simply” helps to limit the degradation of the quality of your skin, which becomes more difficult to maintain as you age.

No, not all vitamin E is the same for everyone

Whether you are a woman or a man and whether you are 10, 20, 35 or 60 years old, your body has its own needs.

It is therefore not reasonable to take vitamin E supplements just because other people are taking them.

Although the risk of hypervitaminosis (excess vitamin in the body) is almost nil (you would have to consume very large quantities to achieve this), the effects are not identical from one individual to another.

The amount of vitamin E you should consume depends on your lifestyle and the effects you are looking for.

It is less and less indicated for example in the context of smoking. For a long time considered as an ally for smokers wishing to limit the impact of cigarettes on their body, it would actually be more harmful in such a situation.

This leads to a simple but potentially very useful truth to improve your quality of life: you will not get the same benefits depending on whether you choose to consume vitamin E alone or with other active ingredients.

This is because this molecule can synergize with other compounds, i.e. work in a different way when ingested with certain active ingredients, such as vitamin C for example.

Finally, not all vitamin E is equal. It is always preferable to consume a vitamin E from food or, at least, extracted from a natural source as unrefined as possible, when you choose a food supplement.

No, vitamin E does not prevent hair loss

Vitamin E is sometimes referred to by brands of dietary supplements as an “anti-hair loss” or even as a molecule that allows hair to grow back, but in no case can such results be obtained.

However, combined with biotin (vitamin B8) in sufficient quantities (from 7.5 micrograms per 100 grams of any dietary supplement), it helps to improve and maintain the condition of healthy hair, especially for people with a fragile scalp.

However, it is important to remember that it is biotin that offers such benefits and that the contribution of vitamin E lies in the increased protection of the hair against oxidative stress.

MyCollagenLift: a natural vitamin E in synergy with a formula that makes sense

While it is important to get rid of preconceived notions about vitamin E, it is important to recognize the usefulness of this molecule for consumers of dietary supplements looking for a nutritional solution to accompany their aging.

Putting its antioxidant power at the service of superior quality nutricosmetics, such as MyCollagenLift, vitamin E is part of an initiative that makes sense, especially when it is of natural origin.

This initiative is the reason for the beauty and health routines, it is also the starting point of the exclusive formula of MyCollagenLift: to take care of you by helping to preserve as much as possible your quality of life as you age.

The MyPURESkin team, which created MyCollagenLift, provides support for the future senior citizen by offering a gift for your skin in 3 steps:

  • Nourish your epidermis and dermis;
  • Support the production by your body of key molecules for the quality of your skin in terms of firmness, suppleness and hydration;
  • Help protect your epidermal barrier from oxidative stress.

To meet this challenge, MyCollagenLift is equipped with major assets expressed through a synergy based on a batch of ingredients whose origin is 100% natural:

  • Vitamin E, whose support in terms of neutralizing free radicals is a breath of oxygen for your skin;
  • Vitamin C (extracted from acerola fruit) whose antioxidant power makes it an essential molecule for a quality formula;
  • Collagen peptides (more bioavailable than non-hydrolyzed collagen) that help your body maintain its endogenous collagen production;
  • Hyaluronic acid, the cornerstone of a logic to support your skin’s hydration efforts;
  • Wheat ceramides (gluten-free), whose properties support this hydration process by helping to prevent the insensible loss of water from your body;
  • Organic silicon, whose properties help the epidermis maintain its structure over time;
  • Grape OPC and zinc, whose relevance to free electrons increases the effectiveness of the MyCollagenLift formula.

Evaluated by the IEA (European Institute of Antioxidants) as being a “product of exceptional quality to fight against oxidative stress”, MyCollagenLift proposes to accompany you daily through an initial 3-month treatment to put the power of its vitamin E and its premium ingredients at the service of your wellness routine.