Blog | Peptides: a choice ally in your fight against signs of skin ageing

Peptides: a choice ally in your fight against signs of skin ageing

Used in a wide range of the most innovative nutricosmetic and anti-ageing products, collagen peptides are proteins made up of amino acids. Highly effective against ageing, they play a major role in activating cell renewal and slowing down the formation of signs of ageing, such as wrinkles.

What type of anti-ageing actions do these miraculous molecules offer?

Collagen peptides have several properties that are beneficial to our health, with particularly positive effect on the skin, hair, nails, joints and the digestive system.

Thanks to the amino acids contained in human proteins, they activate the cell renewal mechanisms in bones, muscles, tissue and vital organs.

Hence, products with a peptide base help redefine facial contours and firm the skin, thanks to their global anti-ageing actions.

How do peptides help fight against cutaneous ageing?

Peptides work like signals that request fibroblast cells to produce collagen. This protein makes up 75% of the skin and gives it its supple and toned aspect.

Without collagen, the skin would lose its elasticity, change texture and become wrinkled. Unfortunately, the collagen produced by the human body naturally diminishes with age.

Delivering peptides to the body helps stimulate collagen production and compensate for its natural decrease. The skin’s appearance is maintained and wrinkle formation is slowed down.


Peptides are also known for having other benefits: they help even out skin tone. By naturally ensuring that the cells in the body produce less melanin, peptides help reduce the formation of brown spots on the skin.

MyCollagenLift collagen peptides: ultra-effective molecules that fight against skin ageing

In the same way that the body contains numerous elements, there are also a multitude of peptides. We add collagen peptides to the MyCollagenLift products. Less voluminous than collagen molecules, peptides more effectively disperse into the skin tissue and blood system, particular through the intestinal wall.

This is why collage peptides are particularly effective when taken orally.

The collagen peptides used in MyCollagenLift are derived from marine collagen and extracted from fish skin, bones and scales. Marine collagen has a chemical structure similar.